BMW Repair – Brooksville, FL

Anyone who owns one will need to know that BMW repair service problems should not be lumped in with other vehicle. These precision automobiles are not made the same way a Honda or a Ford is made. And as such, they never should be handed over to a mechanic who has no training or experience in foreign car repairs. Even when it concerns something as simple as an oil change, you should always take your vehicle to a shop that is familiar with these type of German engineered machines. Next time you think of pulling your Beamer into the 5 minute lube job shop, here are a few things to think about.

Full Synthetic Oil Change at Regular Intervals

It’s important to note that a BMW requires full synthetic oils. Most models will require a 5W-30 and the “M” vehicles require 10W-60. One of the easiest ways to extend and improve your cars performance is to complete frequently arranged oil changes. Given that in these times of economic recession, many individuals opt out of buying new and are instead trying to extend the life of their used car. A lot of qualified mechanics recommend that you change synthetic oil at about every 5,000 miles. Although the 3,000 mile guideline has been around for several years now, some car makers are stating that their most recent automobiles can opt for practically 10,000 miles without an oil change.

Additional Upkeep

One of the very best reasons to take your automobile in to a certified BMW repair specialist in the first place is to have them run a complete preventative maintenance check up. The last thing you need is to wait on something that’s small to fix before in turns into a major problem and cost you more in the end.

The Right Tools

BMW repair done the right way needs specialized tools that won’t work on other automobiles. For that reason, most auto part stores don’t even carry them. You can do few repairs to a BMW with basic tools, however you’re running the risk of breaking something crucial while doing so. You didn’t pay a lot for a foreign luxury car to have it pawed at by some person who doesn’t understand the difference between a Volkswagen and an Audi.

Our BMW service centers offer all types of maintenance and repair services such as tune ups, air conditioning, catalytic converter, trans axle clutch service, alignment and replacement of wheel bearings, electrical system, chassis and suspension, and engine repair and replacement to name a few.

Certified BMW Repair Specialist

With a number of auto centers in the area that offer these types of services, it is important to consider that we hold one of the highest BMW repair certifications in the Spring Hill, Brooksville area. Our track record and expertise as a BMW auto repair center is #1 in Hernando county. For cars like BMW, it is advisable to choose the auto center which specializes in it and one that is equipped with modern facilities too. Fortunately, Bill’s European Autoworks is here locally for all of your BMW or other German car’s needs. Why take the chance with others when you can just come to us and know that you have a certified BMW repair specialist at your disposal. We’ll also guarantee you will save more on the same repairs with us vs taking it to the dealer.