Foreign Car Repair

Here at home in the good old USA we have some of the best auto companies in the world. Ford and GM are America’s largest and as such, finding a mechanic qualified to work on your domestic car is usually a very easy task. There seems to be a mechanic shop on every corner these days. But in places like Europe and other parts of the world they use different voltages, and even their electrical outlets can be different. So, trying to fit an American made plug into a European socket could create a problem. The same is true of having a mechanic who is only familiar with American cars work on your expensive imported auto. Whether we’re talking about a BMW, or Mercedes, you will need to find a mechanic who has the experience and training in foreign car repair and, hopefully, who has the same passion for imports that you have.

Drivers love foreign import cars for their unique design and focus on performance. Every day, one sees more and more vehicles from Europe and other places around the world on the road. Brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW are common household names. Everyone knows them for their reputation for being engineered for luxury. However, people also tend to think that caring for and repairing import cars is very expensive. In fact, you’ll be surprised to learn that the best place to care for your foreign car and get regular repair and maintenance by experts is right here at Bill’s European Autoworks in Brooksville. With us, taking care of your Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar or Audi is not much more expensive than a domestic car service.

Choosing the Right Import Car Mechanic

Most new import car owners tend to have one common problem: finding the right specialist for their vehicle. This problem has been worsened by the growing number of “specialist” companies that claim to provide great service to the vehicle brand while the overall result is the exact opposite. You can find a wide range of foreign car repair shops online, plus compare rates and experience that will help you choose a professional who offers quality service at great rates. You could even check the reputation of the shop on review sites such as Google and Yelp.
Receive The Same Repairs and Maintenance as The Dealership at a Lower Cost

Every foreign car brand has its own suggested car repair center, be it BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc. At Bill’s European Autoworks we hold the highest foreign car repair certifications in the area Sure, you can take it to the dealer to get your services done however, they will most certainly charge enormously high fees! Our customers receive the same quality service and repairs as the dealership as a much more convenient and cheaper rate.